Circus "Demo"2/5/2021 · Delayed Gratification Records · DGR058

Debut demo from Columbus, Ohio's CIRCUS. 4 tracks of blown out, straight forward hardcore from the clown car. Featuring members of En Love & Rejoice.

First Press: (Cassette)
25 White

Second Press: (Cassette)
25 Yellow

Third Press: (Cassette)
50 Red Tint

Tuskie "Demo"3/12/21 · Delayed Gratification Records · DGR057

Cleveland's newest alternative/emo band with their debut 4 song demo with a previously released cover of Smashing Pumpkins "Zero" on the B side.

First Pressing: (Cassette)
30 White

Wallcreeper "Small Talk Is Bullshit"3/24/2021 · Delayed Gratification Records · DGR056

15 song compilation of the first 5 years from NEOH's Wallcreeper. "Small Talk Is Bullshit" the band's 2 EPs, "Keep This Shit A Secret" (2015) & "Kill What Keeps You Tame" (2016), as well as their tracks from splits across 2019 & 2020 with Pillars, Subtype Zero, Atomic Witch, Toxic Warlord, & Foul Spirit. This will be the first physical release for most of this material.

1st Press: (Cassette)
50 Red Foil

Rejoice "Damnation No Longer Hurts"04/09/2021 · Delayed Gratification Records · DGR055

Debut EP from Columbus, Ohio's REJOICE. Released on cassette and digital on 4/9/21.

First Press: (Cassette)
51 Gold Foil

Ten High "2020"1/8/2021 · Delayed Gratification Records · DGR054

Ten High's debut EP, originally self-released digitally on July 18th, 2020. Re-released on limited cassette January 8th, 2021 via DGR.

First Press: (Cassette)
30 Green Tint

Human Law "God's Work"11/20/2020 · Delayed Gratification Records · DGR053

Debut EP from Columbus, Ohio's HUMAN LAW. Originally released on October 2nd, 2020. Re-released on cassette, November 20th, 2020 via DGR.

First Press: (Cassette)
30 Gold

Holy Kiss "How's It Going To End?"8/14/2020 · Delayed Gratification Records · DGR052

Debut EP from Columbus, Ohio's HOLY KISS. Released on 8/14/20 digitally & on cassette via DGR

First Press: (Cassette)
31 Ultra Clear (SOLD OUT)

Stalchild "Stalchild"5/29/2020 · Delayed Gratification Records · DGR051

Debut EP from Columbus, Ohio's STALCHILD. Release on 5/29/20, digitally & on cassette, via DGR.

First Press: (Cassette)
30 Purple

En Love "Love Will Drown The Nest"10/16/20 · Delayed Gratification Records · DGR050

2nd EP from Columbus, Ohio's EN LOVE.

Cassette & Digital copies contain "Love Will Drown the Nest". The vinyl copies contain "Love Will Drown the Nest" on Side A & "Like Someone En Love" on Side B.

First Press: (Vinyl)
10 Test Press
103 Pale Yellow
158 Black

First Press: (Cassette)
50 Green Tint

Cue Ball "Welcome To The Rubber City"2/24/2021 · Delayed Gratification Records · DGR049

The long awaited Cue Ball EP is here. "Welcome To The Rubber City" delivers 4 tracks of Akron's finest stomping & goovin' hardcore.

First Press: (Cassette)
50 Red Tint

Sicko. "Sicko."3/13/2020 · Delayed Gratification Records · DGR048

The debut release from Nashville's Sick. Originally release digitally on November 8th, 2019. Re-released on cassette, March 13th, 2020.

First Press: (Cassette)
25 Transparent Blue
25 Silver

Offhand "Here Lies Nothing"2/07/2020 · Delayed Gratification Records · DGR047

The 3rd release from Nashville's OFFHAND & their debut on DGR. Released to cassette & on digital platforms on 2/7/2020 via DGR.

First Press: (Cassette)
25 Red Foil (SOLD OUT)
25 Red Tint