War Prayer / Swing Low - Split7/10/2017 · Delayed Gratification Records · DGR021

Split release featuring 2 songs from War Prayer (North Dakota) & Swing Low (South Dakota)

First Press (Cassette):
Blue/35 (Swing Low Exclusive) (SOLD OUT)
Red/35 (War Prayer Exclusive) (SOLD OUT)

Headrush - Summertime6/22/2017 · Delayed Gratification Records · DGR020

2 song cassette single from HEADRUSH.

First Press (Cassette):
5 Green & Clear Swirl (SOLD OUT)
20 Blue & Pink Swirl (SOLD OUT)

Mended - Loathe6/2/2017 · Delayed Gratification Records · DGR019

Second EP from MENDED.

First Press (Cassette):
White /15
Smokey /35

Young Machetes - A Test of Will5/19/2017 · Delayed Gratification Records · DGR018

A cassette compilation of Young Machetes recorded output to date.

Tracks 1-3 originally self-released digitally on November 11th, 2016.
Tracks 1-3 reissued with tracks 4-6 digitally & on cassette via Delayed Gratification Records on May 19th, 2017.

Pressing Information:
10 Red (Delayed Gratification Records exclusive)
40 Black (SOLD OUT)

War Prayer - Misguided12/30/2016 · Delayed Gratification Records · DGR017

Originally self-released digitally on October 8th, 2016
Rereleased on cassette, December 30th, 2016

First Press (Cassette):
25 Blue (SOLD OUT)
25 Purple (SOLD OUT)

Deathsong - Deathsong11/4/2016 · Delayed Gratification Records · DGR016

Originally released digitally & on CD via Delayed Gratification Records on November 4th, 2016.
Reissued on cassette via Delayed Gratification Records in June 2017.
CDs & Cassettes are Sold Out.

First Press (Cassette):
20 Pink (SOLD OUT)

Come Wind - Move In Place10/28/2016 · Delayed Gratification Records · DGR015

Originally self-released digitally & on CD, December 1st, 2015.
Reissued on 12" vinyl via Delayed Gratification Records on October 28th, 2016

First Press (Vinyl):
5 Test Press
250 Black

Vacation Forever - Mid Ohio At Midnight8/7/2016 · Delayed Gratification Records · DGR014

Debut EP from Columbus, Ohio's VACATION FOREVER.

First Press (Cassette):
25 Blue Tint (SOLD OUT)

Carev Dvor - Carev Dvor6/18/2016 · Delayed Gratification Records · DGR013

2 song square lathe cut 7" for Columbus, Ohio's CAREV DVOR. Serves as the last material released from the band.

First Press: (Lathe Vinyl):
30 Clear (SOLD OUT)

Things Fall Apart - Things Fall Apart4/29/2016 · Delayed Gratification Records · DGR012

Originally released on CD & Cassette via Driftwood Records on March 1st 2015
Reissued on Vinyl via Delayed Gratification Records,Have Fun Records, Bad Break Records & Lonely Boy Records on April 29th, 2016.

Vinyl release features updated artwork done by Justin House.

First Press (Vinyl)
??? Test
100 Clear
100 Cream
100 Translucent Purple
200 Black

Headrush - Say What You Mean10/8/2015 · Delayed Gratification Records · DGR011

Debut from Columbus, Ohio's HEADRUSH.

First Press (Cassette):
40 Clear (SOLD OUT)

SLVDR / MOMA - International Split10/27/2015 · Delayed Gratification Records · DGR010

An all instrumental split between SLVDR (Brazil) & MOMA (Japan). Co-Released with Tightwolf Records & Kakusun Records.

First Press (Vinyl):
100 Transparent Blue (Delayed Gratification Records)
100 Opaque Violet (Tightwolf Records)
100 Coke Bottle Clear (Kakusan Records)