Snow Day - Stubborn Kid7/31/2015 · Delayed Gratification Records · DGR009

Digital Only release

Great Dane - Words of A Dead Man6/8/2015 · Delayed Gratification Records · DGR008

Originally self-released digitally & cassette via Bumrush Records on November 18th, 2014.
Reissued on cassette via Delayed Gratification Records & Second Place Collective on June 8th, 2015

First Press (Second Press overall)(Cassette):
25 Purple
50 Grey

Until Yesterday - We Learn To Live With Ourselves4/14/2015 · Delayed Gratification Records · DGR007

Limited to 50 Jewel cased CDs made.

Dry Bones - Come And Die11/18/2014 · Delayed Gratification Records · DGR006

Limited to 100 CD Sleeves made.

Pride & Ego Down / Spooky Action Space Captain / SRVVLST / Tir Asleen - PSST!10/30/2014 · Delayed Gratification Records · DGR005

4 way split between Pride & Ego Down (Germany), Spooky Action Space Captain (Chicago), SRVVLST (Columbus), Tir Asleen (Georgia). Co-Released on 7" vinyl with Tightwolf Records

First Press (Vinyl):
5 Test
100 Transparent Gold
200 Black

Carev Dvor - Labor of Love8/16/2014 · Delayed Gratification Records · DGR004

50 Jewel Case CDs made & released on August 16th, 2014. Additionally, an unknown amount of cardboard sleeves stamped with the album art & burned CDs were made and sold at shows.

Things Fall Apart / Tall Ships Set Sail / INFRO / Shizune - Split8/28/2014 · Delayed Gratification Records · DGR003

Originally released on CD in Japan through Impulse Records in 2014.
Reissued on 12" vinyl through Driftwood Records (USA), Kakusan Records (NOR), Ancient Injury Records (USA), Ritual Tapes (USA), sorry girls records (USA), Koepfen (GER), Lion Sounds and Tiger Noises (USA), Pikpik Records (USA), New Village Tapes (USA), Crewmannumbersixrecords, Unlock Yourself Records (RUS), Little League Records (IRE), & Delayed Gratification Records (USA)

First Press (Vinyl):
50 Test
100 Blue/Pink
200 Mixed Color

Amative - Flatlined4/26/2014 · Delayed Gratification Records · DGR002

107 CDs made, released on April 26th, 2014.

Dry Bones - Father Figure11/23/2013 · Delayed Gratification Records · DGR001

Limited to 100 CDs released on November 23, 2013.