Moru "Plague Whispers" Cassette
$0.00 - $8.00

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Moru "Plague Whispers" Cassette
$0.00 - $8.00


From the thriving Nashville hardcore & metal scene, Delayed Gratification Records is excited to reissue the debut EP from MORU on cassette for the first time.

Moru is one of the most head turning & more recent groups emerging from Tennessee's capital, & it's for a good reason. The "Plague Whispers" EP is a near 20 minute audio trip, taking heavy elements from classic black metal & death metal.

This release also features guest vocal spot on "Chasm Skulker" by Josh Landrith of the now defunct Hanging Moon, as well as on "Cankermaw" by Christopher Griffin of Knuckle Dragger & Stephen Keech of the legendary Haste The Day.

Only 50 units will be made for this first press of cassette, grab yours because these are going to go quick.


Track Listing

  1. Anathema
  2. Slowchoke
  3. Chasm Skulker
  4. Cankermaw
  5. Sympathy

Pressing Information

15 Smokey
35 Red Tint

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